Sunday 20 may 7 20 /05 /May 09:20

This is a water brush, another useful material. 


It is wonderful because you can have it anywhere with you,

and you can use it as an eraser.



I will show you how I erase colors with painting a water drop.

With 'Dark Green' I paint a circle, and




grade it with 'Light Green'  to make it a round ball.




Then I use a water brush while the green colors are still wet.




Water melts the color.

So I remove the melted green with tissue quickly.




With 'Dark Green' again, I make a shadow so that it becomes



a water drop on a leaf.





You can use a masking pen for the white dot,

but this is easier.


There are many kinds of water brush from many art material makers.

Have you tried one ?



By Takako Ikuta
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Monday 7 may 1 07 /05 /May 08:30

This is a masking fluid pen.

It is useful to preserve the white paper and to protect very small areas of the painting.

You don't need any other tools to apply it to your paper.

There are some kinds of masking fluid in a bottle,

but I prefer this pen type because no need to clean an applier after finishing.

I am lazy.





This is how I make yellow dots of an apple.

I apply some small dots where I want yellow dots.  



In a few minutes the masking fluid will dry.


You shouldn't leave the fluid on the paper for days.

Otherwise it will become difficult to remove it,

and dried masks will pull off the paper's surface.

I always learn through trial and error.




Then, I paint with 'Geranium Red',  




grading with 'Light Carmine'. 




I rub off the masking fluid with my finger, and

white paper comes out. It is a fun moment! 




The last fun part, I paint the areas with 'Lemon Yellow'.



Because the red colors have dried well, 

the yellow dots don't blend with red colors.




By Takako Ikuta
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Wednesday 2 may 3 02 /05 /May 07:32

Here is another painting painted with Real Brush 'Geranium Red' and 'Light Carmine'.





You can make yellow dots with colored pencil

after painting with the colored brushes. 






And you can also make yellow dots with yellow colored brush

after painting with red colored brushes.





Can you guess how I did this?

By Takako Ikuta
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Tuesday 24 april 2 24 /04 /Apr 02:46






This is another demo, how I paint a chestnut. 

Colored Brush Step by Step Demo 1) Cherry >> You Tube 







And this is another tip to blend colors.


I thought, 'Flesh Colour' is too light and 'Brown' is too dark to sign my name, 

so I dipped 'Flesh Colour' into 'Brown'.   





The color becomes light brown, the middle of 'Brown' and 'Flesh Colour'. 




Don't worry, the brown color on the point of 'Flesh Colour' doesn't remain.

'Brown' didn't permeate into the 'Flesh Colour'.




It's fun, isn't it?




By Takako Ikuta
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Monday 16 april 1 16 /04 /Apr 00:00

I want to show you how I paint grapes.

Same as the cherry I made, just 2 colors (dark purple and light purple) are enough

to paint a round shape of grapes.


I use 'Violet' as dark purple and 'Lilac' as light purple.

Paper is the same, Bamboo paper.



I draw a-little-bit-thick circle with 'Violet', and



I grade the line of 'Violet' with 'Lilac' toward inside of the circle



and outside of the circle



to make a grape round and shiny. 




To create a bunch of grapes I repeat this process.

With 'Violet' first,



and the next with 'Lilac'.



Again with 'Violet' first,



and the next with 'Lilac'. 





When I paint a grape behind,

I paint with 'Violet' over and over to make the color dark.

Then, with 'Lilac' I make the outline a little bit light. 



I paint only with 'Violet' in a dark spot between grapes.



At the end I paint stems with the same color as the cherry stem,

'Deep Green' and 'Light Green'. 






With your favourite colors,

try to paint your favourite fruits!  




Colored Brush Step by Step Demo 1) Cherry  >> You Tube




By Takako Ikuta
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Tuesday 10 april 2 10 /04 /Apr 03:13

This is Bamboo paper which is Japanese postcard size.




I want to show you how to grade colors to paint 3-dimensional shapes,

with showing how to paint a round and shiny cherry step by step.


If you have just 2 kinds of colors like 'red and pink', 'Dark Green and Light Green',

it will be enough for a simple painting.





I choosed 'Geranium Red' and 'Light Carmine' for a cherry,

and 'Deep Green' and 'Light Green' for a stem.



I draw a shape of a cherry with a thick line with 'Geranium Red'.




While the red line is wet,

I paint over the red line with 'Light Carmine' toward inside the circle.



Can you imagine there is red ink which has not soaked into the paper?

I spread the red ink with 'Light Carmine' little by little.

so that the red color is graded by 'Light Carmine' little by little.



I don't paint in the middle of a cherry to make the cherry shiny.




In the same way I grade the red line with 'Light Carmine' toward outside.






At the same time I deside the shape of the cherry.






I draw a stem with 'Deep Green' with thin line first.





Then I paint with 'Light Green' to grade the 'Deep Green' a little bit.









--Tip (1) --

If you paint with 'Light Carmine' over and over too much to grade 'Geranium Red',

the 'Geranium Red' will be totally blended and mixed with 'Light Carmine'.

Then the cherry will lose gradation and will seem to be flat.



--Tip (2) --

The black line of the sketch should not be too dark

in the case you draw a sketch with a pencil before you paint.



Colored Brush Step by Step Demo 1) Cherry  >> You Tube


By Takako Ikuta
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Monday 9 april 1 09 /04 /Apr 03:01

The colored brush is watercolor.

I know it is not easy to use water for painting.

You have to read how water moves on paper.

So I will show you how to blend and grade colors without water at the beginning.


There are so many kinds of paper for watercolor.   

Of course depending on paper, there are differences in grading effects, but

there are also differences depending on wheather and seasons.

For example,it is very humid in summer in Japan.


When it was sunny in the last winter, I tried some kinds of paper.


Rough paper was hard to soak.

Colors can be blended on the surface,

but the colors are totally combined and mixed.

It was hard to grade colors little by little.


I preper smooth paper.

This is my favourite.

Hahnemühle Bamboo 265 , producted by Hahnemühle.




I like Bomboo's surface. I thought "Just fit for these brushes!"


The differences in paper might be subtle or

totally different depending on the place you live.

I learned that ARCHES Watercolor Hotpressed soaked up colors of colored brushes so quickly.
Is it the same in your country?

It is really fun to learn the differences.



By Takako Ikuta
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Sunday 8 april 7 08 /04 /Apr 02:56

With a colored brush


you can enjoy writing,



you can enjoy drawing with a thick line,




or a thin line,




or a very thin line,




and you can enjoy painting.






I have not painted with watercolor since I was a child.
I had a desire to try other media besides colored pencils,

but I am lazy to prepare and use a lot of tools and materials for painting a picture.

So I was glad when I have learned about the colored brush.


It is good enough for watercolor-beginners like me,

although I think it may be not good enough for watercolor-artists.

"Watercolors are made with pigments but

the colors of the colored brush are made with dyes.

Colored brushes will not be good enough as a fine art medium

because the colors are not so durable. "

That is what Real Brush maker,Kuretake Co.Ltd. said.



However, it is good enough to start painting as watercolor beginners and art beginners.

If you have a desire to paint something but you don't know

what to do,

what to use and

how to paint,

colored brush will be also able to become the beginning for your painting!


As a colored-pencil-art teacher I have a lot of happiness

to see my students create their new works,

and to see how wide possibility the colored pencils have.

I am still learning a lot at the same time of teaching.


I'd be happy if many people enjoy painiting with colored brushes as well

and if this blog helps you create new art works!







By Takako Ikuta
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Saturday 7 april 6 07 /04 /Apr 11:00

My name is Takako Ikuta.
I love to paint with colored pencils.
They are easy to handle and they can produce a wide variety of art works.  
I’ve used colored pencils as a fine art medium since around 1998.
This is my website.
If you are interested, you can see how I paint
and how I teach my colored pencil art lesson.

On this blog I want to show you another art material.

I have Colored Pencil Art classes in some areas in Japan.  
One of the classes in my home town Osaka is in an art material shop.  
In the end of last year 2011
the shop gave a demonstration of the new material to their customers.
This is the material, colored blush named Real Brush, producted by Kuretake Co.


The Real Brush interested me very much
because they are easy to handle like colored pencils.

No need to prepare a palette,
and no need to wash the brushes when finishing painting.

I found it very good to satisfy my desire to paint anytime and anywhere.  


It will make dirt on your hands and clothes sometimes, though.

It has 60 colors.  



The colors of Real Brush can be blended and mixed
ike the colors of colored pencils can be mixed.  
So you can create colors more than 60.    


And the colors can be graded like this.





I thought, "as the colors can be graded like this,
it is possible to paint 3-dimensional shapes!"

I would like to show you how to do it step by step.
If the Colored Brush is available in your place, try it!
I hear Real Brush has been shipped to Austraila,Hungary,
Malaysia, Republic of Korea, UK and USA.


By Takako
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